Can you video screenshot on iPhone? – Where To Look When Recording Video

No, you cannot. Apple does not allow this.

Does this help you to remove the wallpaper?

This won’t actually make your wallpaper disappear. They just change which color on the wallpaper goes to each of the 3 columns instead of the center column.

How to remove the wallpaper?

You can use one of the following methods:

1. You can go to your Apple Settings → Display.

2. You can go to your wallpaper folder → and drag to the empty spot. That’s where your wallpaper should be in your iPhone’s current wallpaper.

3. If you know that your wallpaper isn’t already in your iPhone’s current wallpaper, you can drag your wallpaper to the edge of the screen and it would be replaced with the screen.

4. To put your Apple wallpaper back in the bottom row, go to Apple settings → General → Accessibility, then tap the “Show in all apps” icon and choose “Choose the icon from your wallpaper.” Once the top row of your iPhone’s current wallpaper has been re-arranged, tap it to change it back to the top row.

5. Once you do that, tap the wallpaper again on your iPhone’s current wallpaper and it should re-appear in the bottom row.

6. You can save your Apple wallpaper image as an iPhoto or Aperture photo. To use the latter, open it in iPhoto or Aperture. Then upload it to Photo Stream or share it on social media through iMessage. It’ll appear there as a wallpaper again.

7. There’s also a way, using some other way of doing this, to send back your Apple wallpaper image to your iDevice. Open the Photos app → Share → Camera → Send to > Camera Roll, then tap the red circle on the top right to select “Post On Facebook.” Then tap the “Post On” button in the message box under the iPhone’s photo.

I hope that it helps some people. I can’t guarantee that it will help all iPhone users. Apple may block your wallpaper, and that’s why it may be worth trying for this first. If you want a wallpaper removed from your iPhone, you might need to have different iPhone models with different Apple wallpaper options.

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By Peter Hapak – February 04, 2010

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Can you video screenshot on iPhone? – Where To Look When Recording Video
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