Can I record video with DSLR? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone

Are there any technical limitations?

Yes, DSLR are great cameras but they are slow, but not too slow. If you will be shooting at slow shutter speed, you may want to take a longer lens for longer distance.

How do I set up my rig? Do you need an external mic or an external mic/Headphone Jack?

If you want to record some interviews, maybe you may need a microphone for the audio recording, an external mic for audio control, and a headset, but you can easily record on your smartphone using the free app, or use a laptop or laptop computer. You can also use Bluetooth earphones, to make audio and video more personal. So, if you will be going to interview people and you will be recording some scenes, you can purchase the headset, and you can use it without anything else, in your bag or in your laptop bag, or you can just use a USB cable or plug into a USB port (just to make sure your laptop can support the audio and video, since it will play the files). If you would like to use a headset, you can buy a headset at the store if you have one, but if you will be traveling, you may not have access to a store that sells these products. You might have to find a store that sells them.

Do I need to buy or use a smartphone or other handheld, since I can just use a laptop computer?

Maybe, because a laptop can still record with a microphone attached to it and send the audio to an external recorder. Some people will still choose that, but it’s up to you and your budget and your time constraints. If you will be going to many interviews, that will take you some time, and you may want to use a different computer, you can always buy a computer that will support the USB connection (for example, if you are going to interview students, you might want to buy computers that supports USB 2.0).

Do you have video and audio editing software?

Yes. I recommend Lightroom 5 Ultimate, which is more or less a professional photo editing program. You can purchase it online, it is quite affordable.

I used to use Premiere, but I switched to Lightroom 5. Can I use these program to edit my film, as opposed to a professional video editing software that you will purchase only after the project is made?

Yes, but I advise you to use professional editing software like Premiere because of quality as

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Can I record video with DSLR? – How To Film Yourself With A Phone
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