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Yes, it depends. DSLR cameras tend to be more expensive, due to the fact that you usually need a larger lens and a larger sensor. Even better is that some camera manufacturer also puts a lens and the sensor in a mini case, which can also save some money.

Does it mean I’ll have less time to take pictures? Probably. DSLR owners tend to use a LOT of time and space while taking pictures, which means they spend a lot of time waiting for good light. As you gain experience, you can adjust how and when to use the flash and the time to take pictures will change with your photography style.

Do I need the phone with the lens attached? Yes! DSLR cameras (as long as a DSLR lens is attached) are more prone to lens-rot, which will cause the shutter to not shut down when the camera is aimed at a subject. In order to get a clean image, you need to move your camera away from the subject or in case you are taking a wide angle, you need to keep your camera at a shorter distance so the focus won’t be as affected by the subject in the camera. That way you can take better pictures (and with a lower megapixels!).
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Sebastian Vettel’s decision to switch to a five-stop strategy in Melbourne for the start of the Australian Grand Prix has cost him a total of £1.1million.

The Red Bull driver has already been punished for the move, which cost Sebastian Vettel the lead of the race, when he was penalised in his second stop and the team had to pay the costs of another tyre change.

The FIA have now fined Ferrari £550,000 for their part in the penalty and issued the teams with a warning.

In the case of Williams the team were fined £225,000 and ordered to pay another £250,000 for failing to take the required care of their tyres.

The FIA said the move did not take the team’s race strategy into account, leaving them exposed to penalty points and losing a driver for the remainder of the season.

The penalty comes months after the FIA fined Lotus £200,000 for failing to take care of their tyres following the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Ferrari had already been penalised for using too many tyres in a race, with them failing to reach the first stage of qualifying in their second race.

Sebastian Vettel in his first pit

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Are phone cameras better than DSLR? – Filmmaking Udemy
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