Why does Shakira belly dance? – Belly Dance Skirts Ebay

This question is a common one, and its answer has proven controversial. For example, it was suggested earlier that Shakira’s belly dance is actually a kind of “lick the ball” dance, with the dancers’ feet touching the ball, much like a “catch the ball in reverse.” That was not only incorrect, but it also makes the belly dance look like some kind of ridiculous choreographed move or other.

We can all agree that the belly dance might not be for everyone, but for some it could actually enhance a dancer’s performance. After all, it’s not like the performers had to work hard to get their body to do the dance–they can just “catch the ball” or mimic a belly dance.

Here’s an example. Here’s a video from a video blog from a few years ago:

The video shows the dancers using the belly dance to get the audience’s attention. The dancers are moving like the ball has been “licked” by their feet by turning and bending their body in various directions. What we see in this clip is the ball dancing in reverse. That’s why the dancer in the left has a “lick the ball” belly dance.

Here’s an example from another video blog that is even more entertaining:

Here are two videos taken from YouTube that demonstrate the belly dance’s popularity:

One video from a guy named Mike (not his real name) shows both the “catch the ball” and the “lick the ball” belly dances.

Another video from Mike shows both.

You can also see it in the video where three women are performing the “lick the ball” dance. Here is another video about the belly dance taken from a YouTube friend of mine, who likes to say “lack of belly dancing.”

I’ve watched these two videos over and over again, and there are several aspects to this video that are pretty amusing:

The video begins with a bunch of people sitting around, and a few dancers are playing different parts of the belly dance. You can’t tell them apart, but they all have different positions, and you can easily tell the roles within them. This is what “lick the ball” means. There are only four dancers, and they are dancing around a ball or other object. In another video, from a guy named Josh that I’ve linked to more than once since it appeared in the same place in the internet, you can also clearly see the ball dancers

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Why does Shakira belly dance? – Belly Dance Skirts Ebay
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