Who invented breakdancing? – Belly Dancer Painting

No. It was a British inventor who invented it. Charles Boulton was a music teacher back in 1871. He found a way to make dance videos. But he didn’t invent it. According to a history by Wikipedia, one of the first dancers to be called a breakdancer was a Welsh gentleman, John Griffith.

The first breakdancers in China were actually called moxie men. They had a sort of music made to look like the singing of birds, as a demonstration. It’s quite difficult to sing a certain tune well as you’re still learning to dance. When the song was perfected to sound like bird song, moxie men figured out that you didn’t have to worry, you could just practice dancing that way and the songs would come naturally.

When people heard that the music was coming naturally because they didn’t have to go back and teach themselves to sing the tunes, they were quite pleased.

If you were the moxie man, what did you do when you got home and everyone was dancing?

You would go to a pub to get your drink. After the dancing was done with, the guys and girls in the pub would come back home and have a good evening.

Your friends started using your breakdancing skills as a way of attracting girls.

I think a lot of these girls would go out in a few hours, as they didn’t want to have a night out too early. They had already seen a dance once and then the next day they didn’t want to dance again so they’d go to a club and wait for the show. They’d wait for girls who had seen a dance but weren’t interested in going to a club.

So how did you convince these young women to come to your club?

Well it’s the British way to get girls – you tell them that their night will be amazing if they dress in their best and they’ll be getting a great night out. You get them to come in and have a drink with you and when you’re drinking they’ll come in and have a drink with you and then they’ll stay with you until they leave the club.

They’d tell you they don’t want a man, they don’t want to be looked at by another man, they don’t want to be looked at on the street, and most of all, they don’t want to go home. They’d tell you they felt they could handle it.


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Who invented breakdancing? – Belly Dancer Painting
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