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Eminem may just be the greatest hip hop artist to grace the history of music. The Eminem we know today was born on August 5, 1986 in Oakland, California (or is it Detroit? I’m not sure but that’s what we’ve got). Eminem’s parents, who had both gone to Oakland High School before he, was a few years younger, were high school dropouts.

As a teenager, Eminem was a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, a crew of hip hop artists who began in the early 90s and which had its beginnings from the Wu-Tang family of East Coast rappers called the Wu-Tang Brothers. In 1991, the group released Its All On Da Mind and that was exactly how Eminem would get involved.

For a hip hop artist who doesn’t have a college degree or anything to his name, Eminem went to school at UCLA, even though he had never actually attended high school. After graduating from high school, Eminem graduated from UCLA and went to work for the label, Shady Records; he worked on Eminem’s first two albums as well as his last with Run For Cover. Eminem was already a respected figure in the hip hop community, so it was natural for him to turn to music again; it was his third studio album, “Recovery”, which debuted in the summer of 1994. The album was met with strong reviews and was followed by several singles, including “Lose Yourself,” which became his number one single, as well as “Eminem,” which was Eminem’s breakthrough single and number one hit.

It’s not easy to keep up with Eminem these days; his albums have become more and more diverse and his career has moved beyond hip hop in general. As the name suggests, Eminem was an early hip hop lyricist. Although he’s known for rapping about his troubles, he was not the only one to get into trouble, though there are plenty of others. A lot of Eminem’s music focuses on his experiences as a teenager as well as his family, which he never quite seems to get around to addressing. It’s one thing to rapping about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the rest of the lyrics on Eminem’s other albums are either about his family or about his own struggles. He often raps during his songs about being in a bad relationship, about being a loser, about his addiction problems, about trying to find his father.
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Why is he so successful?

In 1994, hip hop

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Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing Classes
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