What is the latest dance move? – Belly Dancing Classes Near Me 20009 Sale

Well as we all know it was the one with a guy on top of a wall and he was trying to get everyone to start dancing.

A little bit more on this dance move: The guy in the video is Justin Timberlake – of course! The guy in the song is obviously a pretty good dancer – one would have to imagine that. However, what I’m finding interesting that this moves is more of a show than a dance. For me at least.

There was once a movement known as “The Strap” and the video was a lot of fun to watch

I was lucky enough to see “Boom Boom Pow” during the 70’s and I was pretty happy to see their video of it. It has a great beat!

The video had two dancing moves: A few were “tossing” and “standing on one foot” – the latter part of the dance was so “interesting” that people are still learning it today. I love that it even included some singing.

These guys have really good style and were good in the video 😀

I love how they make the “Puppet” dance look really easy 😀

Watch the full video here!

This one from “The Kids Are Alright” is super fun:

It’s a little different from the dance moves I just talked about, and the dance moves weren’t that bad.

This is a really different move. The one on the right is a bit better, but still you can see how people are dancing with it. It’s just a great rhythm.

Another cool one!

This video is probably one of my favorite for me. It was just the beginning of a whole wave of dances from this band. I always like this one and it has something different for everyone. I love how they move in and out – especially the one on the left. The timing is pretty perfect and it looks kinda cool.

This one is fun:

As a kid, I used to be really fond of it and would do it all the time even now. It’s pretty fast and moves are different. I think it was from their most recent album called “Dancing With The One”.

That’s it for the rest of the songs on the album. I’ll be sure to make a post about songs I like, what I think, and how the songs fit in the album or whatever. Until then if you enjoyed reading this post, here

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What is the latest dance move? – Belly Dancing Classes Near Me 20009 Sale
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