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That’s correct.

And if they’re moving from the same place? Yeah that’s also correct. The term ‘flutter’ is an appropriate description to the movement: the feet are moved one after the other (the left foot in the picture below).

So the foot is in contact with the ground, making contact with the ground is what the dance is based on. In other words, if you are walking, your feet will be touching the ground, but if you are dancing, your feet will be moving. We’ll talk about the other legs in a moment…

Step 3

Now move your feet out through your body by drawing them around your spine and extending each foot out to the side. The legs are going to be moving around your body in the same way your legs are moving around the body in your dance, you’re going to be extending each leg to the side in order to create distance between your body and the ground.

Your right calf is not touching the ground, the right hip does not touch the ground, it’s moving up and out through your body and you are creating distance between yourself and your partner. The legs of your partner are moving in concert with each other and you are creating a dynamic movement when you dance.
Young couple listening and dancing with music from ...

As your partner is moving up and out and back to you, you want to hold onto their feet, this is also why you can feel them pulling you to your left and right. You are pushing your partner (or partner of partners) away as you dance, and the longer you hold onto partners’ feet this creates a deeper sense of connection and unity with them.

Step 4

Make your partner and yourself the center of gravity for your dance. We’ve mentioned that your partner is the center of gravity, but how are you placing yourselves? You want to create a space in your dance to create space for your partner to move into, and allow your partner to move into their space and come right back.

So imagine you are making a small circle with your partner. You are each sitting in the center of your circle, and all four of you have the same position, you are all touching the ground at the same time, but in different directions so you have the feeling you have a small circle as a small part of your dance. You don’t have to touch yourself or each other; you are all just sitting there together. This creates a connection between your partners that becomes stronger and stronger as you learn the dances.

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What is the dance called when you move your feet? – How To Belly Dance For Beginners Wikihow Cz
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