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It relaxes and reduces tension as you dance.

You feel more comfortable and at ease.

You feel more relaxed and in your own skin.

Your muscles tighten to be in good alignment with the floor.

You feel more confident in your body.

You feel more energized to dance.
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It also makes breathing more stable.

There are different rhythms to do belly dance. You can learn to make different rhythms so you can vary what you do.

Don’t get too caught up on the rhythm. When you’re doing belly dance, try to just be “in the zone” and let go. Don’t try to mimic someone else’s rhythm, just let yourself go. When you’re in the right rhythm, it’s not about your muscles. It’s about your breath.

For more info on belly dance check out our blog post on how belly dance can have the same muscle relaxing effect on your lungs.

Belly dancer with a belly rub

Belly dancing and body rubs

Belly dancing makes you feel more relaxed, happy, energetic and more focused.

It relaxes you from the inside out. You can practice a belly dance body rub while you’re practicing with a partner on the floor. The same body rub that relaxes the belly, makes the body easier to relax.

Belly dancing helps you connect with your body at a very primal level. This helps you connect with your emotions and your emotions bring the spirit to your spirit.

Belly dancing makes you more aware of your body. You get more relaxed by seeing those bumps at the bottom of your belly. You can make sure it doesn’t cause you pain by stretching your belly away from the bumps.

It also decreases stress by making you feel like you’re the one doing the moving. You become more confident. The “breathing at ease” feeling decreases and you get more focused on how you’re dancing. You have more energy for your dance.

Belly dancing can create a connection with your spirit. That’s a healing connection.

Belly dance can give you balance and release stress. You can feel in balance and relaxed.

It gives you a connection with yourself because every time you do belly dance and you do a bodyrub with the partner and you feel like being at ease, this is just your spirit connecting with you. Your spirit is saying, “You have balance because you feel at ease

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What does belly dance do for your body? – Belly Dancing Outfit
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