Is Waacking hip hop? – Professional Belly Dance Costumes For Sale

“I got no fucking clue how it got that way,” says Waack. “I know a lot of it was just hip hop being that. I got no fucking clue. It was just hip-hop being what it was. The first thing you want is an idea and then you can write a song or make a lyric for something and put that down. But then it’s just, ‘What is this?’ What is it about? And that’s what hip-hop is all about. It’s just a bunch of people being real.”

What is it about?

“Well, it has to do with life, man. I’m not into drugs. When I’m with the crew, I’m never around too much dope. I’ve never been down the line of a joint or a joint bowl and smoked too much. I just live with my mom and my sisters and stuff. So that would be the first thing that’s going to draw me in a different direction. It has nothing to do with drugs. I just don’t feel you need to do drugs to rap or be successful in rap.”

This article originally appeared on BBC.

BJP MP Navdeep Sardesai on Thursday termed Congress chief Sonia Gandhi a “sick child” and said party general secretary Rahul Gandhi was “trying hard to protect her son Rahul”.
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In his column in India Today today, Sardesai accused Gandhi of being a “nagging mother. “The fact is… Sonia Gandhi is a sick child who is demanding her son to come to her rescue. I believe Rahul is working hard to protect her son. He is not giving her any comfort at all,” he said.

Sardesai said Rahul’s actions have been “more than a little disappointing”. “If he can’t find anything else, he needs to stop demanding Soniaji’s head, and start talking about a solution to the problem. The entire public is asking this question. The BJP’s national spokesperson Manoj Sinha must also realise that if Rahul wants the party to be successful, he needs to start working on the country.”

Sinha, he added, “needs to make it clear to Rahul that he needs to leave the country.”

He also described Rahul as a “young man of 18” and said his father had sacrificed himself for the country. “The country has given his life for the country and he is a young man of 18. He also deserves the same right as Soniaji.

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Is Waacking hip hop? – Professional Belly Dance Costumes For Sale
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