Is belly dancing religious? – Belly Dance Dress Plus Size

Forget traditional religion, says the “Jesus Christ: Live, Love” star. He’ll just throw his whole self into the church.

Belly dancing has been around longer than the Bible, so it is a more traditional form of worship than it is for evangelicals such as the founder of the Church of the Living God. In fact, “sitting on a chair and making music” is one way of worshipping Jesus.

But what if a believer starts to feel more spiritually oriented? A preacher says this is where people go wrong. People are not supposed to feel any spiritual inclinations, and that’s what belly dancing is not supposed to be.

“We can’t have the wrong spiritual inclinations,” says Rev. Dr. Bill Anderson, a Pentecostal pastor and author. “We are not supposed to come to the church on Easter when Jesus is on the cross doing the great work of love.” Not a good idea, Anderson says.

The pastor says it’s better to come to church with a plan.

“We should have these experiences where we really feel God in us and so we become a better person,” he says. “We need to get ourselves in touch with our faith and we need to see Jesus as something wonderful in his heart.”

Belly dancing, Anderson says, is a spiritual experience. It requires us to go “head and heart to heart.”

“You take an experience like that and transform it into something that can be lived out,” he says. So a believer can take a dance around with them, Anderson says, but that might not be the best way to do it.

“It should be not an all-or-nothing sort of activity,” he says.

Anderson says he’s not saying that belly dance is a sin. “I don’t want to go that far. I’m not against anybody putting something on.”

“It is a spiritual and spiritual experience,” Anderson explains. “It is not a sin to have an experience like that.”

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Is belly dancing religious? – Belly Dance Dress Plus Size
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