Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dancing Classes In Irvine

Belly dancing is very simple. But it has one major drawback: people start to get tired, and then they can’t sustain the technique. To maintain a good technique with belly dancing, it requires intense concentration. And it doesn’t stop well.

How do you keep the energy of the abdomen moving without getting exhausted?

A good posture. And a relaxed body.

What is a good way to develop stability in a posture if you have a tight abdomen?

To keep your legs together, as in a kneeling pose, while keeping your abdomen still. I’m not saying that everybody has to use a kata if they are not able to keep their legs together. I just want to show that it doesn’t matter.

Why was the kata called “Sukurukan” (Belly dance)?

Because it is a dancing technique with an abdominal twist.

Have you worked on other variations of belly dancing techniques like the “Sukursuyo” (Sukureye) or the “Belly Dance” in Japan?

I have studied the “Sukurose” technique, but that is a dance dance with a very different look than belly dancing.

Do you have any ideas on the ideal posture?

I am a very traditional woman at heart. I cannot see any beauty in the body. As long as the right pose is taken, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the pose.

Is dancing a way to express emotions?
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What a question. Perhaps in some way. It was very useful to me during the years when I was living as a recluse in Paris.

How do you practice a technique such as saku?

To use a kata, I must focus my attention with my breath. This applies to belly dancing. The idea is to keep all the energy of the body moving and to bring the abdomen in contact with the floor.

When do you practice?

Every day.

For all the students I taught belly dancing, and particularly to those of them who had no experience with it?

There are many techniques. I have a big database of these techniques, and it’s not hard to find them.

Were there any difficulties that you had to endure?

The practice has to be intense. In Paris, belly dancing is more popular than in California. But it is difficult to convince people to pay money to learn something

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Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dancing Classes In Irvine
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