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Hrolfdir, Lord of the Thalmor, the Lord of the House of Redes

Hrolfdir, Lord of House Thalmor

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Hrolfdir is the husband of Hlaalu and the Lord of House Thalmor. He served under the Aldmeri Dominion for nearly a century and was an Aldmeri general during the civil war.[1] He was the one who ordered the execution of Queen Ayrenn, and became the Aldmeri general who defeated them. Though the Thalmor succeeded in overthrowing his forces, he himself was not taken prisoner,[2] and went into exile.[1]

He is first encountered during the quest “House of the Redoran,” which has to be completed first in order for you to understand how House Redoran got to the position they are in now.

He can be found at Whiterun during the quest “The Return of the Chosen One,” which you must complete to understand the Thalmor’s motivations.

Interactions [ edit ]

Hrolfdir shows little interest in dialogue, but is often on the side of the Aldmeri cause in their war of independence. You can have him accompany you on the quest “Reclaiming Sancre Tor,” but is unable to do that when he isn’t there. You can also kill him and have him become hostile toward you, although you cannot do so otherwise. After this, if you speak any other Aldmeri character, they will still believe the story about the Thalmor’s plan to attack Morrowind, but will not join your cause until you have either rescued Dede Hlaalu or killed Hrolfdir. You can do one a second time if the conversation comes up again. If you return to the Blades after you’ve rescued Hlaalu, they will still have to join your cause even after completing “Reclaiming Sancre Tor.”

If you kill Dede Hlaalu, Hrolfdir will disappear. He will only be in his house during “House of the Redoran,” which is actually a quest that is related to his disappearance, as you cannot go back to Castle Redoran after doing

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Is belly dancing attractive? – Belly Dancing Classes South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne
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