Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing Music Downloads

(Read on) Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Marwazi, one the most learned and respected Islamic authorities today also said belly dancing was allowed in Islam:

Ibn Majah, Volume 7, Page 743, Hadith 763

“The Prophet (peace be on him) did not prohibit it. Some said, ‘Is it obligatory to do it?’ He said, ‘It is obligatory until you are at the stage described. But if you are at the stage described and are not in the stage, you may do it.’

“Ibn Majah, Volume 7, Page 744, Hadith 763. (Read on)

This is not the only source on Islamic belly dancing. Another respected leader, Malik, said this same thing: “If an individual has not come to the stage described, he is free to do so. But if you have come to the stage described and do not enter it and go somewhere else, you may also do it….

“It is permissible to eat and drink with others if you are allowed to do so. Whoever drinks drinks and eats at the people in the same company without their being in a formal group is not allowed to do so. And whoever eats and drinks together with others is not allowed to do so. This does not apply to females.” (Read on to see if the ruling is different if you are a female)

Ibn Majah, Volume 7, Page 746, Hadith 804

The most complete source is Ibn al-Qayyim (died 740H). His great work on Islamic law called, “The Sunan al-Mughni”, is the highest authority on all Islamic law. Read the rest of the commentaries and read the rest of the Book of Islamic Law. To see about all the comments of other sources like:

a) The Messenger of Allah (peace be on him) on various subjects of Islamic law

b) The Qur’an’s rulings regarding various subjects of Islamic law

c) Ibn Qayyim’s commentary on the Qur’an

d) The Sunnah (ways of carrying out certain actions) of the Prophet (peace be on him)

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(See also this, this and this for more info).

The main difference between belly dancing and other forms of dance is that belly dancing is performed under certain conditions and conditions only. This is why it is not permitted in Islam, in

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Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing Music Downloads
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