Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing Classes Near Me 20009

Answer From Al-Qari Al-Zangana, from the people of Yemen:

A Muslim woman can wear belly dancing in the presence of other Muslims.

However, there are some restrictions that she must abide by. Here are the two major restrictions:

(1) Before dancing, the woman must stop herself from talking and any noises she makes while dancing.

(2) If an adult male with his clothes on, or if women are in the dancing group, the women must stay at a distance of a definite distance away from each other before the dancing starts.

But in this case, it is not really appropriate for the woman dancers to dance towards each other, since it can lead to the spread of diseases. This is why if they are caught, or if any of them have injuries, they must be treated and their condition should be investigated.

Some Islamic scholars have pointed out that any sexual act that could lead to disease is not permitted for Muslim women, because such acts can lead to disease.

According to Imam Ali, from the people of Abyssinia:

If men of the tribes of Taman, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Iman, Abra and Jumua get drunk with wine, it causes them to become diseased. [Al-Awsat – The Book of the People of the Black Sea].

However, this is not true in Islam. In Islam, God says:

And have you not known that the people of the Scripture – (2 Kings 1:22) – are the people of disease?

So I would not advise any Muslim woman to dance alone.

Is it allowed to wear a hijab inside the Haram at times?

Answer From Al-Qari Al-Zangana from the people of Yemen:

A Muslim woman should not wear a Muslim head covering until she is married.

Al-Qari Al-Zangana also says:

It is not allowed to place any piece of cloth and covering on [her head]. This is what Allah says: ‘So touch not women of the Book except those who have made a pilgrimage unto you from the ranks of your own people’. [2 Kings 18:16-20].

However, some scholars had said that it is allowed. Al-Qari Al-Zangana also states:

What is the ruling on women with beards? (Ruling only on beards)

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Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing Classes Near Me 20009
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