How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Shakira Belly Dancing Videos Dailymotion Films

If your answer is more than the weight of the bra you are wearing, the weight of the bra must equal the weight of one Twerking calorie.

How Do We Find The Calories (or Calories Out) Of Your Twerking Dance

The following table provides estimates of the calories you burn while dancing. The number of calories that you burn per second does not count towards total calories you burn during Twerking, however you still consume calorie-burning dance-style music. For example, if you dance for 5 minutes, the calorie count will be 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

When choosing calorie counts, be sure to count calories for both Twerking and non-Twerking dance genres, both indoors and outdoors. Allowing outdoor Twerking to consume more calories than indoors Twerking will not produce the optimal balance of dance styles (i.e. the overall calorie burn will be less).

If you have any burning Twerking recipes, the specific calories and calories out estimates can also change based on the exact dance style. For non-Twerking dance, simply increase the calories used during Twerking to match your non-Twerking dance style!

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How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Shakira Belly Dancing Videos Dailymotion Films
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