How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing History

If you do it right, it’s a dance called Kegels.

Think of it as a mini-exercise, which is kind of like weight lifting.

Kegels work because the muscles in your pelvic region contract, like during a squat, when you do a push-up or a wall-ball game. It acts in a similar way.

You do three exercises to get that effect:

Squeeze your pelvic muscles during this phase of your sex life

Hold your breath during the second phase so you don’t get too tense

Slowly lower yourself down on a chair onto a stationary object for support while the exercise is going on

The benefits

Here’s a short video to get you warmed up. It’s a Kegel that is a little complicated.

But it looks like you’re doing a little bit of everything. Maybe a little more than you might think.

What if I don’t have my uterus?

Or can’t do Kegels in the first place?

Whatever your circumstance, you can rest assured that Kegels get the best results for you.

I’ve found that they work best in women with tight uteruses and tight men, like me.

You can find the benefits here.

If you struggle to get the hold, check out this video about how to get in an up.

How do I do Kegels?

Here’s how I do them.

For me, I find a desk or a cushioned table in the middle of the room is best.

I like the “squeeze” part of it — I can squeeze down on the table’s legs to make sure I’m sitting comfortably without cramping.

After a few repetitions I usually get my legs in. The whole thing only lasts about 15 minutes.

When is my period due?

The ideal time to go is the end of the month and up — if you feel like you want to, you can try a morning or evening routine or try to use a timer.

But before you go, here’s a tip of sorts on how to ensure you get your period — or not — at every visit.

First, check out this list of possible times you might not be ovulating.

I don’t mean that you should stop your cycle. I mean that your period might not be due that day.

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How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing History
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