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Lets talk about the hips, what is the hips, and how do I put my hips into a move?

The hips are formed from the two lower legs of the torso, the lower legs being the quadriceps muscles. The quadriceps is a very complex muscle group. The legs, quadriceps, and the hip are all made of a flexible but powerful piece of tissue called the Adductor Multifidus. The adductor multifidus is a combination of about 35 different muscles that is responsible for keeping the torso upright while standing, walking, and crawling. This is why this muscle group is so important for the stability of the torso as well as helping to hold the pelvis stable when standing.

But what exactly are the hip muscles?

This is a complex subject, there are so many muscles in the hip that you can’t really cover them all here. Here are some of the things that are involved with the hip muscles:

Bonds and Collar muscles

The hip flexors connect to your gluteals and hamstrings. When the gluteals move during the hip flexor stretch, this causes your hamstrings to move too. This allows the hamstrings to push up against your hip, and thus, the hip flexors will be stretched. As the hamstrings push up, this forces the shoulders down which allows the hips to move.

The “upper” hip flexor, the iliopsoas, connects to your triceps with one to one (tensor fasciae latae) of all of your lats working.

The “lower” hip flexor or “hip extensors” connect to your gluteals and hamstrings by pulling them down (cortical retraction), this works the quads too. This allows you to extend your legs and lift heavy things with your legs.

These all help your hip extensors move your pelvis and give you the stability to hold yourself up in a chair and in a chair when standing or walking.

This is the hip extensors/pelvis.

The flexor magnus connects to your pectoralis major and the latissimus dorsi are what pull the spine under its center line. When you’re walking around with your hips up, you push the pectoralis and latissimus dorsi down which gives your spine that stability, which is pretty important during a fight.

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How do you move your hips? – Belly Dancer Painting
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