Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dancing Dress

Yes, you read that right: dancing.

Sharia law is a collection of rulings from religious scholars relating to all aspects of life. These are mostly found in the Koran, which is actually the second largest book in the world and the standard work in a variety of faiths. Many of the rulings have passed down through centuries of debate and debate, which means that many will be in force for thousands of years.

However, if a Muslim is caught going to the cinema, it is not considered acceptable. A dance is, by definition, an act of freedom of choice. But Islamic law does not permit dancing for Muslims, nor dancing for non-Muslims.

A dancer is not allowed to dance to any music that is not part of the Koran, not even music from modern Western entertainment. Some dances, in fact, are banned in the Koran as they disturb the purity of God’s creation, although they are not forbidden for non-Muslims.

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The only exception to the prohibition of dancing are dancing sequences – the music or movement which is found in a number of movies such as ‘Shall We Dance. All of which are banned for Muslim.

What are these movies and other dances that are banned for Muslims?

There are a number of movies which can be viewed by Muslims. They are:

I am Yours, directed by Michael Douglas

Love is Blind, starring Richard Gere

You’re Next, starring Channing Tatum and Reese Witherspoon

You’re Not Alone, starring Brad Pitt

And the list is not limited to movies:

Fashion is Forbidden, starring Michelle Williams

The Princess Diaries, starring Patricia Arquette

Wish, starring Jessica Alba

Mama Mia!

Do Muslims have a right not to dance for Muslims?

There is a specific time when dancing is permitted for Muslim. This is in their homes, not at home with a non-Muslim.

Islam has a time when it demands of every Muslim to be clean and pure. But it does not say that all of a Muslim’s life should be spent in a state of pure and sanctified nature. There are many parts of life where a Muslim can indulge in a free and pure lifestyle, but not dance.

What is the ‘barbaric act’?

The Koran states that anyone who engages in “barbaric acts, such as fornication or adultery”, is deserving of

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Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dancing Dress
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