Does dancing count as a workout?

At its most basic, there isn’t a single answer to this question. For me, exercise has always been a personal activity of choice rather than a requirement. And I’d be hard pressed to argue for a specific definition of workout. So, I think what determines whether the activity is workout or not is context.

If the activity is a normal or everyday activity, then there are clear guidelines in place to determine what is an appropriate exercise form to perform. For example, a “high rep” workout such as power lifting or running is probably a very good form of workout as it works a lot of specific muscles.

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If the activity is an uncommon activity as opposed to just an occasional (i.e. an individual who is only on occasion involved in this activity) then a workout that focuses strictly on cardio or aerobic work can help prevent an individual from becoming too sedentary.

Why are you writing this post?

I’ve been struggling with my daily fitness routine for years and it finally hit me that I may have fallen into the trap of putting too much emphasis on fitness at the expense of enjoying life. It took some time, but I became aware that I was getting into the habit of just performing the “right” version of exercise. That means doing one of three things: lifting weights, cycling, or doing cardio. I’ve always loved fitness and felt that I should have a “normal” workout and a “healthy” one. But it was clear and clear to me that something was wrong when I didn’t feel motivated for exercise, and it was also clear how much I should be exercising to reach that end.

Now that I know that not all exercise is created equally I feel that I can be more mindful of what and how much I am doing and be better prepared to enjoy life. The reason I’m writing this blog in regards to how I’ve been spending my time is because the choices that I’ve made have left a noticeable effect on my overall health and happiness.

What are your health concerns?

I’ve been dealing with some health issues. There’s not much I can write about that will make sense or be in context to everything else, but just going from one exercise to the other had impacted my body negatively. I’ve been losing a lot of muscle mass and it’s difficult to maintain that amount of muscle. It’s an easy comparison to be made when you consider the fact that most people that are trying to find a way to lose weight will not know how

Does dancing count as a workout?
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