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If a dance can’t cause your joints discomfort, it can do some serious damage to your health. But it’s hard to prove that dancing is a dangerous activity.

“There is a lot of evidence that suggests dancing may cause an increase in exercise injuries,” says Dr. Mark Doshi, associate director of internal medicine at University of Chicago Medical Center.

“But the evidence that dancing is dangerous is very thin or is of very recent origin,” he says. He suggests watching some dance movies before you dance. Doshi’s findings show that most dance crashes do not hurt anyone.

“Cancelling dance is not as damaging as dancing on your knees,” he says.

Another thing that people want to know is how much they should be dancing.

“A lot depends on the type of dance,” says Dr. Thomas M. O’Shea, director of the Yale School of Public Health Exercise Medicine Program.

“Tango, for example, involves little dancing. But to some extent you’re still working out, even if you’re dancing a lot. This is a complicated area,” he says.

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Dance dancing is a popular form of exercise among older people but it may not be as good for younger people, says O’Shea.

“If you’re very sedentary, then even the risk of falling and breaking your hip should concern you,” he says.

O’Shea recommends trying dance dancing with someone who’s younger than you so you don’t develop muscle imbalances.

Also, keep your hips straight, as that minimizes the force of the ball that moves during the kick-off.

And wear sturdy shoes, which will help hold your legs in place while you dance.

So, with all that said, is dancing good or bad for your knees?

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Does dancing count as a workout? – Ghawazee
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