Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure? – Belly Dancing Songs

It won’t. Just like the whole “women don’t like it” thing, it has nothing to do with the actual shape and feel of your breasts. It’s a visual cue that lets you know you’re in the right place: The b-point. You’re also going to be a lot smaller than you’re projected to be, so your bust will probably stay the same unless there’s some kind of drastic weight loss regimen that’s required.

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3. If you feel like you are a tiny little fish, your bust could be a problem. If you feel like you’ll be a “chubby” little fish if you choose to get too fat.

4. Your belly is a good indicator of what kind of shape you’ll have as a woman: If your belly is big and round, you’ll likely have a “chubby” body, and the “chubby” body type is more likely to end up having a bust size larger than you’re going to be able to get by with, unless you keep your weight low, diet really well, or get an extreme makeover.

5. The fact that you may not be fat enough to get ripped doesn’t mean you can’t get ripped. Sure, if you are extremely overweight, like 40 percent of the population is, you could do just fine. That doesn’t make bulking up your waist and shoulders a good idea because you won’t get lean enough. And you really shouldn’t have surgery to make your breasts bigger, although some people are convinced to get “bustier” body makeup by claiming they’re in a “perfectly formed” body shape, because they’re convinced it means they’re naturally beautiful. But the fact that you’re fat and you’re naturally pretty does not mean you’ll be a busty, chubby “perfect” woman. And if you were to get implants, that’s just going to make it harder to stay slim.

6. Your breasts are only going to stay small if you put any effort into it or get really, really “laid-back.” It’s not that you’re not capable of giving your breasts some definition; it’s just that it’s very very difficult. Even when you’re really, really good at giving them a good bounce, your breasts will still sag in the middle: That’s why you are going into your bikini and expecting to end up with this amazing shape. And once you’ve gotten fat, you’ve pretty much got

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Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure? – Belly Dancing Songs
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