Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Tutorial Shakira

Yes! The body is just part of the dance. If it looked too thin, then we wouldn’t be doing it. I still have a good look.

I can see why other people would say, ‘No way’. How many hours of footage did you have to edit?

We worked on an hour, and we did probably about three days worth of footage. It was a lot of fun working in the dark with really good footage. We used to have to do a lot of editing with just the footage, and that was a lot of fun. We shot at least two days of footage.

That was a lot of work to get what you got…

It was a lot of money to get something that looks exactly how I wanted it. It was fun to try and make something that looks like me. For me, I love the feel of going to a dance or seeing a friend dancing. Those are the things I look for in people.

But you still look different from every angle.

I do! I want to be the most perfect person!

Did you expect such backlash when you started your online dance movement called the ‘Dancing for Justice’ movement?

What could I have expected? I knew I was going up against a bunch of other people. There is nothing worse than people who have no other ideas to do something. When I started doing the DfJ movement [I] thought, ‘Well, I really want to do it.'”

Did you feel pressure after you started?

No, no. I had some fun doing it because there are so many people doing it, so I didn’t feel pressure. I don’t think they are doing it to be controversial, they really just want to do something. I think it can be dangerous too sometimes. It’s a risk to do something like this. You have to take the risks of that kind of thing because the public thinks you are trying to get fame or money at any cost. The risks need to be taken.

As a young dancer, you’ve probably spent so much of your life doing tricks for other people. When you started the DfJ movement, what did you think about that?

When I realized, ‘Hey, this could really help kids who want to have success,’ I was like, ‘What? You can’t be serious! You are just trying to get noticed! Why would it help anyone? It could ruin their lives.'”

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Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Tutorial Shakira
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