Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing? – Youtube Belly Dance Lessons

Yes, I’m not very comfortable talking about all the different ways fat people can lose belly fat. It’s really hard. But I can really say that, in a nutshell, belly dancing, as I do it, really helps me lose belly fat. It gets you used to it and it’s pretty cool to know that you’re helping, just like any other workout.

You have so many fat issues to tackle in this book.

Yes, I’ve got them. A big one is how to deal with depression. I have lots of experiences with depression. There’s one story in particular and that’s when my dad told me that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So I had to learn, with his guidance, the symptoms of being depressed. That’s a pretty big part of the book. And I also talk about my struggles with eating disorders. I have some stories about having a lot of time, very little time, just to eat. I’ve had some episodes of eating disorders that I’ve dealt with pretty well and have overcome. And I talk about my childhood, how I would wake up and not get out of bed for a couple hours, eating junk food, and not really thinking that I could control it and really having a hard time, and kind of getting overwhelmed and not wanting to be able to do things. It’s a tough thing to talk about.

Was it hard seeing your friend with a body like yours, and feeling that you didn’t feel like you were as good as it should have been?

It’s so hard. My therapist thinks there’s just so many issues we’ve got to deal with. She’s right. There’s so many layers and things, and I think when we talk about it we can do all sorts of wonderful things, but, yeah, sometimes those layers can be intimidating and scary to get close to and, for whatever reason, sometimes I don’t get it.

Are you still feeling guilty about the way you look now?

I don’t know. I think it’s important. There are a lot of people now who have this same type of body and the same type of face and figure and that kind of stuff, and a lot of them don’t find themselves that way. There’s also a whole generation of kids now who know they look that way. They know that, yeah, I look fat, but I don’t feel fat. So there are so many reasons people have that’s why it’s important to keep

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Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing? – Youtube Belly Dance Lessons
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