Can can dancers? – Learn Belly Dancing For Beginners Step By Step

We want to create a scene where our own dancers can use and enjoy their skills!

In order to do this, we’ll need to have the right people. We will not make a living from having anyone dance. So we’ll only do small events and try to find good instructors to bring new dancers to the dance.

This project also will benefit dance studios all over the world. That is our main goal. If we’re able to reach the goal, we have the ability to help all the dancers who want to take part in the community by spreading the word about the dance and making it possible for them to take part and improve!

This is all to say… it’s time to get started!

It’s been a while since we last updated! You’ve been busy! We have some big plans for the future such as a community theater and more fun dance events across the world. Don’t worry, we’ll always do our best to make it good for us 🙂

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The court hearing in Boston – where more than 20 people have taken refuge in shelters – has been livestreamed on Facebook

A Boston man has been arrested as he tried to board a ferry from the US to Rhode Island with more than 20 others.

The group was all taken into custody in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Authorities say they are working to determine where the group is headed and what they want.

US officials say Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick called the group, which includes some children, fugitives and domestic terrorism.

There have been at least three other recent raids, including arrests last week of people who were carrying weapons, explosives and other weapons and ammunition.

One man was arrested during a separate protest over the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

The others, who have been identified by local media as Yassir Al-Abiddeen, 27, and Abdullah Al-Ameri, 19, were taken into custody at a shelter in Providence Sunday evening.

They were being held in Boston’s City House and Boston Police Department headquarters, local media reported.

They were taken to a nearby Boston federal jail – where they were being held without bail.

The FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Division – which was involved in the arrests of those being held and searched – has said that some of the men suspected of being involved in the protests were well-known to authorities for their ties to Islamic militant groups,

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Can can dancers? – Learn Belly Dancing For Beginners Step By Step
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