Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dancing Hip Scarf Silver Coins

The first Can Can Dance competition was held at London’s London Zoo in September, 2001. Since then thousands of dancers from around the world have won prizes and competitions. One of Can Can’s most popular competitions has been the CAN CART, where dancers from around the world compete to see who can dance best while still standing. This year, it was held in London’s Waterloo Park.

When were Can Can Dance first organized?:

Can Can Dance’s original purpose was to educate and create awareness for people suffering from cerebral palsy. The first year many participants attended classes and trained to be dancers, they were given music to learn and equipment to be tested. They were then given a chance to move as a team to show their abilities. At this time they were referred to as “dancers.”

The current CAN CAN dancer training is based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation of cerebral palsy. The philosophy and goal of the program is to provide dancers with the support they need during recovery from paralysis and the emotional aspects of healing. Through dance and music the goal is to provide a new understanding of life with paraplegia.

The program provides both physical and mental rehabilitation. We work with each dancer for their individual goals and expectations and through all aspects of the dance and music we help the dancer create the life they want for themselves. Can Can Dance works with many different disciplines and has a full range of people attending classes, in a variety of disciplines.

Can Can Dance in Australia has been held at the Queensland Convention at the Brisbane Convention Center since 2011. The first CAN CAN Dance Melbourne Competition was held in early March of this year.

When is Can Can Dance held?

To keep the programs current we have to make sure that we can meet all the needs of our participants. As you may have heard we have to be in Sydney at the end of April for the CAN CAN dance Melbourne Competition.

How often can Can Can Dance train and how will that affect the schedule?

We have to plan when and where we get dancers so that we can stay productive with all our classes. The program has three levels of classes. Levels 1, 2 and 3 have been used for decades. We continue to expand on Level 2 because we know that students in Level 1 can get very fatigued in many areas of the program. We don’t want them to have to get up early in the morning, then work their way through Level 2 and start their class in the back.


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Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dancing Hip Scarf Silver Coins
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